Meridius® Renew Acupuncture Needles Detox 20 x 7mm

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Meridius® RENEW is our range of detox acupuncture needles made specifically for

sensitive areas such as the ears, scalp and face.

Featuring colour-coded plastic handles, the needles are not only easily visible and

identifiable, but also lightweight which means they remain in place.

This range of acupuncture needle is not designed to be used during moxibustion or

electro-acupuncture sessions.

A box of Meridius® RENEW contains 1000 needles, packed in blisters of 5 needles to

ensure high quality protection when transporting.

Being EO gas sterilized means the needles are safe to be used for up to 3 years from the date of the production, making them a convenient choice for both occasional users and practices.

Sterilised by EO gas, shelf-life is 3 years.

Silicon coated

1000 Needles Per Box